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Brent Diwali Fireworks are back! 3rd November 2018 (CELEBRATION OF CULTURE)
July 16, 2018
Brent Diwali and guy fawkes Fireworks

Brent Diwali and guy Fawkes Fireworks

Brent Fireworks Display 2018 a celebration of culture

This year Brent Fireworks Display and indeed Guy Fawkes night and bonfire night, fall within days from the Hindi Festival on light Diwali. So what does this mean for your fireworks display?

We live in a very multi-cultural area, with many people from many backgrounds celebrating different things, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show the whole community, not just part that we can indeed be inclusive and put on some extra entertainment for them as well.

Brent Fireworks Display will, for the first time try to blend the English traditions and values of Guy Fawkes night with the celebration and culture of the festival of light (Diwali ). On the 1 hand, we will still have our full-size fun fair, Bar, business zone and marquee, food from around the world and 20 fireworks display and PRE fireworks show.

Plus on the other hand for 2018 we will have extra Indian Dancing, and acts, More Indian food choices, more Indian stall outlets, Indian shop outlets, Henna Tattoos, Diwali art and hand painters and a section of the Fireworks Display will be in time to Popular Hindi music with a Western twist. We also hope to be able to showcase Indian talent that will perform every hour at random places within the event.

This is how we in vision our event in 2018, we hope that you see that celebrating at least 2 cultures together will not only be more inclusive but bring more people to the event thereby Guaranteeing that the event can continue for the next few years. We will mix the already established Bonfire night festival and entertainment with cultures and events from the East in the form of extra Diwali celebrations and acts.

Don’t forget the tickets for this amazing event are on sale, please click here for ticket info. Also Our VIP Fireworks Events ticket are on sale as well.

Brent Fireworks Display will blend the English traditions of Guy Fawkes night with the celebration and culture of the festival of light (Diwali )

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